How To Be CEO And An Advocate For Your Own Health

How to be CEO and an advocate for your own health


The new model of medicine centers on the patient and now more than ever it is so important to learn how to be CEO and an advocate for your own health- doesn’t have to be hard. The Rich Solution is all about empowered health. You can start today to take small actions with big results to being CEO and an advocate for healthy living.

If you have breast cancer, or are a cancer warrior or want to live a healthier, happier disease free life then you need to learn how to be the CEO and an advocate of your own health. In this video I’ll show you why is important to build your health care team. Your health care team needs to include an advocate other than yourself. This person will have to make challenging decisions and needs to have your best interest in mind, someone you trust and who can communicate your wishes. Building your health care team should include your spouse, family, friends that your trust, your doctor, oncologist and integrative doctors. Don’t forget that an advocate might include someone who makes the medical decisions for you if you are unable. How to be CEO and an advocate for your own health doesn’t have to be hard. Watch this video to get started today. If you’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer then it is so important to arm yourself with the right questions to get you off to a good start on your cancer journey to survivorship. Here is my blog post that covers my video on this topic. Having a list of questions can help you reduce mistakes. Mistakes that could have dire consequences. I wish I had had a list of questions like the ones in my free PDF of FAQ’s when I received my cancer diagnosis. Make sure you Grab my list of FAQ’s which will help you in this endeavor.

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