Why We’ve Partnered With Life Extension

Why We've Partnered With Life Extension


Life Extension has been your trusted brand for over 35 years.

There formulas contain only the finest raw materials, our dosages correspond to the studies that inspired them, and every product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

They only have one goal: To help you stay healthy and live better.

Life Extension customers insist on our premium-grade nutrient formulas to protect their precious health.

What differentiates Life Extension from anything else on the commercial market are the unique benefits that our scientifically-validated nutrient formulations provide to the aging body.

For example, hundreds of commercial companies sell fish oil soft gets. The published literature , however, indicates that a combination of fish and olive oil polyphenols provide crucial additive benefits. Fish oil is highly susceptible to oxidation. Scientific studies indicate that sesame lignans protect against fish oil oxidation and enhance the beneficial effects of EPA and DHA in the body.

Their pure, stable, and easy to tolerate fish oil is sourced from Alaska Pollock that are wild caught in the cold, clear waters of the Bering Sea in Alaska. It is processed within hours of harvest for exceptionally fresh fish oil and is harvested in a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fishery that meets the higest standards for sustainability practices and is focused on preservation of the environment. That is why so many life Extension customers choose Super Omega-3EPA/DHA with Sesame Lignans & Olive Extract.


They are so confident that their products are the best available, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that is one of the strongest in the industry. Also, another thing that sets Life Extension supplements apart, they have earned the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) registration from NSF International, widely recognized as an objective “seal of approval” signifying the meeting or exceeding of GMP requirements and industry standards/best practices for quality.

Life Extension makes Certificates of Analysis (COAs) available to our customers upon request. These COAs are representations of the analytical reports received from the contract manufacturers and laboratories  and contain all of the required tests as defined in the Finished Product Specification Packets (FPSP), including potency, heavy metals and micro. This transparency provides additional confidence that Life Extension’s products meet high quality standards for purity and potency.

This information in this blog doesn’t list all of the reasons Life Extension meets the highest standards. Also, there are many examples of Life Extension supplements that have unique benefits that differentiates them from anything else on the commercial market. These examples will be posted in future blog posts. Stay tuned.