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Gwen wants to make a difference in this world by helping others. She uses her incurable cancer journey as the example and The 5% Solution as the system to help move you forward. The 5% Solution is a series of procedures. Here is where Gwen will share these methods and procedures with you. Whether it be our lively videos, audience-engaged podcasts, we are committed to impacting our community as the voice of the true fan.

#1 Lettuce varieties with more phytonutrients

#2 How To Pick The Right Variety of Foods

#3 Pickout freshest and nutrient dense varieties

#4 Tips to store your lettuce

#5 How to store garlic

#6 Add more greens to your diet

#7 Prepare Healthy Salad Dressings

#8 Learn more about the different salad greens

#9 Add nutritient dense salad greens to your salads

#90 Reap The Benefits of Garlic With This One Rule