What’s Your Legacy

Don’t just leave something behind, live your legacy now, live it on-the-go!

We all have a need to make a difference and live a life of significance, and we all come to a point where we think about the world we are going to leave behind. But when Gwen Rich was given a diagnosis of incurable cancer (read Gwen’s story here), she didn’t want to just leave something behind, she wanted to make an impact NOW. She wanted to live her own legacy. She wanted a legacy-on-go.

After her diagnosis she turned her personal pain into a passion to make other women feel special and empowered when she designed her first handbag – The Loraine Tote– named after her mother, a fellow cancer survivor. Then came the other ‘survivor bags’ each with a special story of empowered survival. And the Conceal and Carry varieties she created to help women feel safer and powerful.

Every time one of these handbags is purchased two things happen. First, a woman is made to feel special, sexy, confident, and strong. Second, cancer research gets more support from the donation we make from every sale. Gwen’s passion for being a designer coupled with her will to leave a legacy-on-the-go have created a Lifestyle Collection of beautiful handbags with a dual purpose.

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Problem + Passion = Purpose

When faced with insurmountable problems; focus on just threading the needle.

Our first handbag was sewn together as a tribute to one cancer survivor.

Quickly, this lead to requests by others for a unique design representing their journey… so we began threading many needles.
The Rich Solution handbags are a Legacy-on-the-Go that gives back and empowers.
Each handbag sale brings us one step closer to finding a cure for breast cancer.


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Life is happening right now. There is no time to waste. Living Legacy simply means you are creating, making mistakes, starting again and pushing forward despite it all. No excuses allowed! Your legacy shouldn’t be something you leave behind. It should be something you live.

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