Top FAQ’s In 2019 For A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Did you just recently receive a breast cancer diagnosis? Knowing some of the next steps after receiving a diagnosis is key to helping you navigate your diagnosis, treatment and medical team. Below are some FAQ’s that will help you start today to move forward to take care of your health in a positive direction and may increase your survival rate. Arm yourself with this knowledge, which can lead to less anxiety, suffering and increased survival rates

Are there certain questions to ask your health care provider after a breast cancer diagnosis?

Yes, after a diagnosis there are questions that I’ve found to be more beneficial than others to help you navigate the beginning stage of your treatment. Click on link below to receive your complimentary PDF of FAQ’s.

What does it mean to be your own advocate when it comes to your self-care?

No one is going to look after your self-care more than you. It is imperative that you are engaged, and be proactive with your doctor and treatment. Check out Gwen’s story with this sample chapter.

Should you get a second or perhaps a third opinion?

Yes, you must be comfortable with your doctor, medical staff and choice of treatment. If for any reason you don’t feel right about any of the above then it is recommended to seek a second or perhaps a third opinion.

Is chemotherapy a must for everyone with a cancer diagnosis?

The answer in some instances is no. For instance, if your doctor recommends chemotherapy as part of your treatment then you could request a Oncotype DX test before your chemotherapy to determine with a score whether you need or will respond to chemotherapy.