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Gwen Rich's latest Wall Street Journal Best Seller book is a heroic survival story that details the system for creating your own Legacy-on-the-Go!

Gwen Rich on with Dana Loesch

Gwen Rich featured on with Dana Loesch regarding the Conceal and Carry handbag.

Gwen Marie Collection on WGN - Purses With a Passion

Gwen Rich handbags featured on the WGN show “Purses with A Passion”.

Gwen Rich At WGN with Larry Potash

Gwen Rich at WGN, designer & creator of The Gwen Marie Collection, “Purses With A Purpose”.

Gwen Rich on The for her Book

Gwen Rich featured on The for her book “Stop Complaining Make Your Own Luck”.

Gwen Rich on The Glenn Beck Show

Gwen and Adam Rich featured on The Glenn Beck Show about her book, “Stop Complaining Make Your Own Luck.”