Meet Gwen & Adam Rich

It all started nearly 30 years ago in the bawdy ‘pits’ of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. That is where Adam first spotted his true love. They got married, had four children and 20 years later Gwen’s health took a deep dive into the ‘pits’. She was diagnosed with incurable cancer. Their story is a story of heroic small actions, love, and creating a lucky life full of joy, peace, happiness and health. It’s a story of taking what life throws at us, even when you are in the ‘pits”.

8 Terrible Mistakes Made Things

Over the course of eight years, 8 different doctors misread 8 different mammograms, including an MRI and made 8 different mistakes
in their diagnosis. And then it was too late.

Gwen Rich had incurable breast cancer that had spread to her bones. She was dying…

“Thank God. Now I know what’s wrong with me. I can start living again.” – Gwen

Is that what everyone feels when faced with an expiration date?

What could be worse than having to tell your husband, four children, friends and family that 8 mistakes were changing their lives too…

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Gwen Marie Rich is a cancer survivor, mother of 4, wife of 30 years, entrepreneur, fashion designer, philanthropist, marathon runner, nutrition guru, and the inspiration behind our entire lifestyle philosophy.

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Adam Michael Rich is a commodities trader, father of 4, husband of 30 years, entrepreneur, philanthropist, health advocate, tennis player, and the inspiration behind Gwen!

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Like us, you have problems, and like us, you have passions.

Adam and Gwen founded The Rich Solution to help anyone ‘in the pits’ combine their problems and their passion into a purpose.

It is their mission to show you how your health, family, business, and faith can thrive through any life challenge.

This is the Rich Solution!