Realize Massive Change
Start with these 8 Small Steps

Change is hard, making change stick is even harder. But what if you could commit to changing a small 5% increment? These types of small changes work like a snowball rolling down a hill. Make a small change, and before you know it, you look back and your life is dramatically improved. All because you committed to small, smart, strategic, and meaningful changes one small step at a time. It’s all about making your own luck.

The 5% Solution is the system that Gwen Rich developed, and it begins with making small 5% changes in these 8 areas.


Ask The Right Questions

Learn to ask the right questions to get the precise information you need to take the right action. This is true in health, finance, relationships and even in faith. Asking the right questions can mean asking the questions to the right people, in the right tone and repeatedly.

Eliminate Bad Food, Toxins, Negativity & Stress

If you want to defy your own expectations you need to honor your health (stop eating crap), feed your mind only positive things (mental outlook is key), eliminate as many toxins from your food, air, water and skin as possible (they are slowly poisoning you) and cut out as much stress from your life as possible (it will kill you before you have a chance to fight).

Implement Life Hacks To Existing Protocols

Don't reinvent the wheel. Whether it is health, diet, money or relationships, there are systems, protocols, solutions and options that have all worked for someone else in your similar situation.

Tweak Financials

Breakthrough requires simplicity and often some extra money. Review your expenses, eliminate waste, free up working capital and feel more secure that you have some control in your life.

Manifest Your Passion Into Something Tangible

Making your passion into a product, service, book or artwork allows you to share it and create meaning not only in your life but in other lives too.

Do Positive Mindset Work

Feed your mind a steady diet of positivity. It’s that simple. You cannot overcome any challenge in your life with self-pity, jealousy, anger, bitterness or negativity. Stay positive.

Tie It All Together With A Singular Purpose

No one has just one problem in life. When you identify your purpose and your meaning in life you can organize problems and bring order to chaos.

Create A Living Legacy-On-The-Go

Life is happening right now. There is no time to waste. Legacy-on-the-go simply means you are creating, making mistakes, starting again and pushing forward despite it all. No excuses allowed!

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