We embrace community because it is essential to living a rich life in every way. Community helps us find strength in working and supporting others. Community helps us find strength in ourselves by appreciating the struggles of others.. Community allows us to feel connected… less alone. Faith communities, health communities, business, social, and family based communities are all important in our life. Forming communities in all areas of our life allows us to have five key advantages: knowledge, connection to others, inspiration, resources, and support. The Rich Solution is a community that wants to inspire you to live your Legacy-On-The-Go. But don’t stop there – find as many communities as you can to enhance your life. Even start your own!

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The Rich Resource Library is filled with online video courses that empower you with the knowledge to make better choices in all areas of your life. Hacking The Gerson Diet and Supplements are Not Optional combine Gwen’s personal experiences with solid science. Discover all the Rich Resource Library has to offer.


Gwen Rich hosts webinars quarterly that allow her to give you specific details on her diet, lifestyle, business and faith practices – that combined have allowed her to defy the impossible.

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Part of embracing Community is being connected to giving back and pushing others to believe in their own success. Gwen has created charity in her own life by donating proceeds from her handbag sales to cancer research, participating in one school one girl, and supporting the Glenn Beck Restoring Love Tour. Discover ways you can get involved too.


How do you document your Legacy-on-the-Go? Who bears witness to your impact?

Creating a Legacy-on-the-Go is one of the reasons Gwen wrote The Make Your Own Luck book and has started this online community. Coupled with her supplements, handbags, and online learning tools she is actively building community, connection to people, and allowing more women to feel less alone.

You’ll see that you can do this too.

While we believe creating ‘living artifacts’ from your passion, like Gwen’s handbags, is one form of living your legacy… there are other ways that don’t involve making anything… except someone else’s day. Let’s use one of Gwen’s favorite experiences to inspire you to start living your own legacy.

GWEN’S LEGACY-ON-THE-GO MOMENT: “I have worked with teens and their mothers in holding “Dove Self Esteem” workshops. We start the conversation on body image and beauty. The workshops focus on how to feel confident in your own beauty. In a “Win a Prom Makeover” contest, I worked with older teens on the topics of building self-esteem and a sense of community. Self-esteem influences every aspect of a person’s life. When girls and women feel good about themselves and the way they look, they are more likely to enjoy time with friends and live up to their full potential. The most powerful influence comes from adult female mentors, usually the mother or grandmother.

I want them to know that they can grow up to be confident and to know that they pursue their desires, that they can try something, fail, but then they can get up, try again, and succeed. They feel confident in all aspects of their lives.

Statistics show that even for adult women it’s important for us to feel successful, whether it’s socially or professionally. The amount of pressure put on everyone these days is enormous. Confidence provides a positive momentum that makes achievement possible.

We live in an affluent area but, not surprisingly, this affluence does not include everyone. This became apparent during my “Win a Prom Makeover Contest.” Many people did not have the means to buy the right clothing to go to the prom. We all know what is feels like to be left out, socially unaccepted, and different from everyone else. That is emotionally difficult and can lead to a sense of isolation. Teenagers need to feel accepted; negative emotions can have a profoundly negative effect. Going to the prom with the rest of the class is a happy step in the right direction.

“Win a Prom Makeover” was an essay contest.

The winner, a young woman, wrote, “Oh, my God. Dreams come true. Dream really do come true.”

This is a girl growing up in a family with divorced parents, being raised by a single mom, making do on one salary. Money was tight. She would not have been able to go to prom. Suddenly, she was going to be able to have the dress, to have the accessories, to have the shoes. She was going to have the hair and the makeup. She was going to have everything she needed to feel like she was the belle of the ball.

I mean, that was huge. I can remember her saying over and over, “Oh my God. Dreams come true.” For many of us, we live such a blessed life. We would have no clue that this sort of situation even exists or that there are people out there who are experiencing and going through hard times – all the time.”