The days of “the doctor know best” are long over. Western medicine works miracles but you must compliment it by customizing your own health and wellness. Empowered Health is about the inner power that we each possess. This power is our inner physician, the innate intelligence which allows us to know what feels right for our body. We guide you to discover this inner power through testimonials, information about alternative healing modalities, diet refinements, and supplementation. Discover how to change how you think and become the master of your own reality whether you are struggling with physical illness or just wanting to take things to another level. You don’t want to wait until you are sick to learn how to engage your inner physician. You can learn simple changes that you can implement that will make all the difference.

Combining Supplements

Nobody wants to swallow more pills than necessary to feel great. The Rich Solution works to bring you supplements that have been combined so they are multi-purpose, multi-functional, and save you money. They are science based and we love how they make us feel while saving us time and money. Check out our favorite formulas.

Gerson Diet – Hacked!

Hacking the Gerson Diet is one of the more popular online courses at The Rich Solution. This famous diet is known by many battling cancer or other autoimmune conditions. It is also well known for being very difficult to follow and stick with. It was taking Gwen 8-9 hours a day to follow the diet – time away from her family that she couldn’t afford. Rather than give up on the diet (which she credits for halting the spread of her cancer cells) she figured out how small alterations could give her the same results in half the time. Download our video course on how you can do it too!

Juicing Tips!

Cold pressed juices and juice cleanse programs are all the rage. No matter what your key ingredients are, remember the following hacks to keep your juice as healthy and effective as possible.

1. Add Ginger

A little piece of this little root can help add some zing to your juice or smoothie while reducing the bitterness of certain vegetables. It can also help improve your digestion, immune system, circulation and has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Save Money with a Greens Powder

Juicing is expensive! Whether you get your own ingredients and own your own juicer, or get yours made at a juice bar or expensive market, the costs of fresh pressed juices can be very high. Not to mention, you’ll only have room for a small amount of ingredients. Try a greens powder blended with organic superfoods and raw juice extracts as well as probiotics, pre-biotics and detoxifying herbs to give you a super-shot of wellness.

3. Add an Apple or Pear

Depending on how veggie-heavy your juice’s ingredients are, the taste can be quite bitter. Throwing in an apple or pear can alleviate the bitterness and help sweeten your smoothie in a healthy, natural way.

4. If Juicing, Don’t Combine Too Many Fruits with Your Vegetables

Mixing too many acidic fruits with naturally oily vegetables can give you an upset stomach. We find that apples are typically the best fruit to mix with vegetables. They’re not too acidic or pulpy and mix well with just about any combination of fruits and vegetables.

5. Make Your Juice Cleanse Recipes Organic

No need to bring nasty toxins into your “cleanse”. Keep your juices and smoothies fresh with organic vegetables and fruits. Make sure to wash them with water or a vegetable wash before using.

6. Enjoy it While It’s Fresh

Don’t store your juice, enjoy it while it’s fresh! Letting your juice sit can affect the nutrient content and the flavoring.

7. If You Store Your Juice, Do it Right

If your juice cleanse recipes produce more than you can handle in one serving, keep in an air tight container in the fridge for no more than 48 hours. Also, fill your container as much as possible, oxygen can negatively affect the nutrient content and flavoring.

8. Listen to Your Body

Freshly squeezed juices are extremely nutrient rich and if you’re just starting out, this can shock your system and give you a stomach ache. Start slowly with a small juice and work your way up to more.

Ozonating Your Water

Ozonated Water is one of the most wonderful substances known to mankind. The process of ozonating water can produce two results.

1) Pure water free of bacteria, viruses, spores, parasites, and chemicals. It’s  wonderful for drinking, or using in pools and hot tubs.

2) If done properly, ozonated water can actually ‘hold’ ozone for a short period of time. With the proper use of a high purity, high output (medical) ozone generator, and if the ozone is bubbled through the water long enough, this ozonated water can contain significant levels of ozone bonded to the water. This ozonated water, is beyond pure. If you drink this water, you are actually drinking ‘ozone’. 

The key potential benefits of ozone in drinking water:

  1. It kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae on contact.

  2. It breaks down harmful synthetic chemicals into less dangerous molecules.

  3. It purifies the blood of microorganisms by rupturing their cell walls.

  4. It kills some cancer cells, slows tumor growth, and may stop the spread of cancer.

  5. It provides more oxygen to the brain.

  6. It boosts the immune system.

Making Medical Ozone Water is an alternative that really works. Here is how you can make your own pure and healing water.

1) Use an ozone generator that produces high concentrations of ozone. UV Ozone Generators will allow you to purify water. 

2) Large bubbles of ozone do not allow proper transfer of the ozone into the water, therefore you must use only small bubbles. To make small bubbles you need a ‘bubbler’. Although many companies provide bubbling stones, this is not a good idea. These ‘stones’ will be slowly destroyed by the ozone, and will impart impurities into the water. Only use ozone resistant bubblers, preferably made from glass.

3) Ozonate the water in a glass vessel; never use plastic. This ensures that your water remains pure and uncontaminated.

4) Ozonate the water for a sufficient period of time. Ozonate each 1/2 quart of water for at least 20 minutes. One gallon requires 2 hours. 

5) Use (or drink) the ozonated water within a short period of time after making it. The ozone will degrade back into oxygen, so you need to use the water before this happens. 

6) If you have an adjustable ozone generator, ozonate the water at the highest ozone setting possible. It is for this reason that the best ozone generator to use is one that uses cold corona discharge technology. UV Ozone Generators can generate only approximately 1-3 ug/ml, cold plasma usually only 30 ug/ml but sometimes 60 ug/ml, where as cold corona ozone generators generate up to and beyond 100 ug/ml.

Ozonating water is one of the few cases where ‘more is better’. Water will absorb more ozone at the higher ozone concentrations. At the same time however you do not need to be concerned with having too much ozone in the water, as water is incapable of absorbing so much ozone that it would be harmful. 

Health Advocates

A health advocate is a family member, friend, trusted coworker, or a hired professional who can ask questions, write down information, and speak up for you so you can better understand your illness and get the care and resources you need – giving you a peace of mind so you can focus on your recovery. Download our Empowered Health video course to learn how to choose the right health advocate for you.