Loraine’s Story

Like many women, approaching the age of 40, I went to my doctor to see if everything was OK and had my breasts checked for lumps. Unfortunately, the doctor found one and didn’t like what he found. He called an oncologist nearby, and in a short time I was heading for an appointment on the other side of town. By the time I reached the office area, I had planned my remaining years because I was sure that “this was not going to be good.” As it turned out, the lump was a cyst which needed to be aspirated and I was relieved. This began my mammogram check ups and visits to the Oncologist every October for thirty five years.

In mid October of 2006, I went to the hospital mammography department for my annual check-up. A day later I got a phone call to tell me that there was a spot on the ex-ray and I should make an appointment to see my doctor. And this I did. We talked about options and who was the best doctor for me to see. I made and appointment in Denver, and was pleased with the first visit. Everyone went out of their way to make me comfortable and helped me to understand what was ahead and how things were to be handled. I had exams, x-rays, testing and lots of probing. At the time, it seemed endless but I am sure that it helped determine what should be done.

I had checked out my cancer stage on the internet and perhaps that is what kept me from being concerned or afraid. Maybe it was the attitude of the nurses and doctors at the cancer treatment center. Maybe it was my family support. But I know the prayer quilt which was given to me by my church was probably the most comforting of all things. That small quilt went with me before, during and after my surgery. I felt close to those who had prayed for me. It gave me great comfort! And I was not worried!

Six weeks later I was having an out patient surgical removal of the lump on my breast. Thankfully. it proved to be early stage and without additional growth to the breast. Two months later I had intensive radiation twice a day for one week and then nothing more but follow-up checkups. And to this day, thankfully, there has been no return of the cancer.

When my daughter informed us of her cancer, I sent my prayer quilt to her, hoping it would give her the same comfort I received!