It only takes one small change at a time to take charge of your life and legacy.

Can You Commit To Just 5% Change?

Whether you're dealing with cancer, a broken relationship, a business hardship, a fallout with your children, or a personal crisis, the principles in the 5% Solution are the same. Small actions lead to significant results.

Small + Small + Small = Bigger than Expected.

The 5% Solution takes decades of this research and combines it with in-the-field, proven life strategies in five key areas of life – health, family, financial, personal growth, and faith. First, change the things that seem the least painful! Make a list. Take the easiest ones first. Use our priority pillars to organize your list:

  • Health
  • Community
  • Financial
  • Faith
  • Personal Growth

Making this list is the first step to understanding the tactics you need to implement, the changes you need to commit to and the advantages you will receive after conquering these challenges.

Examples of 5% Solutions You Can Implement Today!

Walk Tall

A study has found that by actively trying to walk tall with your head held high and shoulders back, you’re more likely to experience good moods. If you walk with your shoulders slouched, you’re more likely to focus on negatives rather than positives, Time reports.

Stop Taking Pictures of Everything

You may think photographing moments makes you more likely to remember them, but a study published in Psychological Science suggests otherwise.


Exercising three times a week decreases your risk of being depressed by 19%, according to a study by University College London. Researchers found that active people are less likely to be depressed and depressed people are less likely to be active.

Sleep More

Your body can’t function properly if you don’t get enough sleep. If you’re struggling to sleep, try and find out why and seek help if you can’t.