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‘”Fifty  percent of American women will probably develop unsightly leg veins. European Leg Solution Featuring Certified Diosmin 95 is formulated to support healthy circulation and the youthful  appearance of the legs. It provides a sweet orange extract, containing a  plant”

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As we get older, our legs become more and more of a concern. How your legs look and feel is often a direct result of the condition of the veins inside of them.  European Leg Solution Featuring Certified Diosmin 95 is a unique formula that helps you maintain proper circulation in these leg veins — which in turn promotes healthy, comfortable legs.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Supports healthy circulation in your leg veins
  • Helps promote healthy, and comfortable legs
  • Inhibits inflammatory factors which can affect vascular health
  • Helps maintain tone and elasticity of leg veins

A unique solution now available in the United States

This form of diosmin has been highly standardized for excellent absorption and effectiveness. Diosmin 95 comes from sweet orange extract, and has been available in Europe for over 30 years. And now, this unique compound is available to you in a convenient, once-a-day formula.

Diosmin 95 promotes healthy venous circulation

The complex circulatory system in our legs can begin to weaken with age. When it does, it can result in discomfort, and swelling in your legs. But, in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, a significant change in leg comfort was reported after taking Diosmin after just two weeks.1

Healthy tone and elasticity

By inhibiting inflammatory factors that can affect the function of your veins, Diosmin 95 also supports the all-important structure of the vascular system throughout your legs. It also helps maintain healthy tone and elasticity of your veins2 — all of which supports healthier circulation in your leg veins and healthier, more comfortable legs.3

So take care of your aging legs. Try a nutritional supplement that promotes healthy, comfortable, and youthful veins … especially in your legs. Add European Leg Solution to your beauty regimen today!


Due to license restrictions, this product is not for sale to customers outside of the United States of America.


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