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‘”As a man ages, maintaining a healthy prostate is key. This next-generation  prostate health formula contains a broad array of ingredients to promote  healthy prostate function and support normal urine flow. Botanical extracts  like”

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Benefits at a Glance:

  • Promotes healthy prostate size and function1,8-11,15-17
  • Helps inhibit prostate-specific antigen (PSA) activity2,3
  • Supports healthy prostate cell division4,5
  • Promotes a healthy inflammation response and healthy, comfortable urination1,6-11,15-17
  • Encourages healthy hormone metabolism in the prostate15-17

More facts about Ultra Prostate Formula

Ultra Prostate Formula addresses the most important factors for prostate health: maintaining healthy testosterone and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels and healthy prostate size and cell structure, inhibiting inflammatory factors that can affect your prostate, supporting healthy urination patterns, and inhibiting the effects of excess estrogen on sensitive prostate cells.

Supporting healthy prostate size and cell structure

Lycopene — An antioxidant carotenoid, lycopene promotes healthy prostate size and function1.

Boron — A trace mineral, boron compounds have been shown to inhibit prostate-specific antigen (PSA) activity.2,3

AprèsFlex® — An ultra-absorbable Boswellia extract, AprèsFlex® helps inhibit 5-lipoxygenase, an enzyme associated with undesirable prostate-cell-division changes.4,5

Promoting healthy inflammation response and urination

Graminex® Flower Pollen Extract™ — This concentrated pollen extract helps promote a healthy inflammation response and urinary comfort.6,7

Saw palmetto CO2 extract — This extract delivers a standardized dose of Serenoa repens, which supports healthy urinary flow and promotes a healthy inflammatory response.8,9

Pygeum — An extract of the African cherry tree, pygeum contains the botanical compound beta-sitosterol and supports healthy urination patterns.10,11

Beta-sitosterol and pumpkin seed — Our formula has additional beta-sitosterol (from pine), as well as pumpkin seed oil to complement the effects of its saw palmetto and pygeum extracts.

Phospholipids — Derived from sunflowers, phospholipids have numerous health benefits12 and help your body absorb the other active compounds in this formula.

Maintaining healthy estrogen levels

Prostate cells are sensitive to estrogen.13 And as men age, testosterone converts to estrogen at higher rates.14 So, we’ve included potent nutrients to help inhibit estrogen’s effects on prostate health.

Flax seed and Norway spruce — This proprietary combination of standardized lignans from flax seed and Norway spruce knot wood convert to enterolactone once ingested. Enterolactone helps support healthy hormone metabolism and prostate function.15-17

Stinging and dwarf nettle root — Nettle extract supports healthy prostate and urinary function.18

Our most-advanced prostate health supplement

Prostate health is a vital aspect of male health and quality of life — especially as you age. Ultra Prostate Formula has been specifically designed to address the multiple factors essential to lasting prostate health. Add Ultra Prostate Formula to your health regimen today.


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